The LinkedIn Acquisition of Newsle Adds New Options To Your Internet Marketing Strategies!

NewsleThe various social media networks are continuing to jockey for position and relevance, with LinkedIn the latest to announce a major acquisition intended to expand their offerings.  In this case, the acquisition is Newsle, a San Francisco startup with a news delivery platform.  They bring roughly 2 million users with them.

Let’s take a quick look at Newsle, and what this means for LinkedIn-based Internet marketing strategies going forward…


Your Brand Has A Message. Do Your Colors Match the Message?

brand colors When you’re building a brand online, everything about your brand presentation should be geared towards sending a clear and unambiguous message about who you are.

The color scheme you choose for your business is actually one of the most important and most subtle design elements for conveying this.  Every color has symbolic meaning for most people, and choosing the right colors enhances your overall message.

Usually, a business is going to use one to three basic colors in its color scheme.  Beyond making sure the colors match, the more focused your color choices are, the more cohesive your overall branding will be!


How to use Facebook to create your social media marketing strategy

In online marketing today, finding an audience is no longer the problem.  There’s between two and three billion people online.  There are buyers for any product, so the problem becomes identifying the right audience.

Social media marketing provides the tools to identify your best potential leads, thanks to the huge influx of data social media provides.  However, that data gathering is only useful when you leverage it to make informed deductions about your audience.

The new Facebook Audience Insights (found in the Ads Manager on the left side menu) provides virtually all those tools, allowing you to custom-tailor messages with an impressive degree of precision.

Let’s take a quick look at how Facebook  can boost and inform your social media marketing strategies! (more…)

July Desktop Calendars

July 2014 Desktop Calendars are here!

Our featured photographer of the month is local Phoenician, Lynne Ericksson. Lynne has been a photographer for almost 50 years and it continues to be her passion! Lynne says “…my heart belongs to flowers and butterflies! There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a flower blown up to poster size…seeing the microcosm in the smallest places.”

To submit your own favorite photos email us at

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Agave Cactus Desktop Calendar


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Five Great New AdWords Features

fiveGoogle’s AdWords system is already by far the most-used Pay-Per-Click system on the market, but Google is still constantly pushing new improvements.  Recent additions to their AdWords system  have created new ways to track your campaigns’ successes.

Marketing today runs on data.  The more of it you get, the better-focused your campaigns will be.  These five new AdWords features give you exactly that… and they give you a leg up on competitors who aren’t using them yet!


Custom Web Design or DIY? You Get What You Pay For

website builder“Why should I pay for web design when I can just build my own site?”

This is a common question throughout the web design world, especially as more inexpensive DIY sites keep popping up that offer “easy” web design through templates.  From a cost standpoint, it’s certainly an attractive idea, since businesses can often get a website for $100 or less.

However, do you choose the lowest bidder for your construction jobs?  Your interior design?  Your clothing or teamwear?  Your offline advertisements?

A website is all these things and more.  Sure, the argument could be made that any website is better than none.  However, a professionally-designed site is going to be vastly better than one built from templates. And yes, a poorly designed website CAN hurt your business.


Bitcoin Now and iOS: Mobile Apps for Cryptocurrency

Optimized-bitcoin-mobileUnless you follow cryptocurrency closely, you may have missed a minor battle that was waged in the first part of the year, between Apple and BitCoin Now. It seems to have concluded, and it’s opening up new opportunities for BitCoin-based mobile apps development.

It’s an interesting development, and we wanted to talk a bit about what this does to the mobile app community, especially on iOS.


How to write content for any type of business

contentThis is a common complaint in SEO circles, and one we sympathize with: “Hey, it’s great for someone in robotics or Cloud-networking to write blogs, but how do we get people to care what a local dry-cleaner thinks?”

There’s no doubt that good content marketing strategies can boost pretty much any business. In fact, in a recent study, nearly 2/3 of consumers said that they have better feelings towards businesses with good content, and roughly 70% said they prefer doing product research via content rather than overt marketing materials.

But it still leaves the question of how a “boring” business can create interesting content. There are a lot of options; here are some approaches you can mix-n-match.


Building Better PPC With Google Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

Google PPCPay-per-click (PPC) online marketing has always been a somewhat contentious tactic, due to the way it works. While you get primo keyword tie-ins and on-page placement, you are -of course- paying for everyone who clicks on your ad, whether they actually become leads or not.

As such, PPC is often seen as a gamble, and perhaps an unacceptable one. A campaign that was too popular could easily cost far more than the leads it brought in, especially when compared to “free” SEO-based tactics.

However, with the new rollout of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, the PPC field has shifted. Google now offers more reasons to subscribe to AdWords, and more options for targeting your campaigns.

We’ve got some tips on how to make the most of Enhanced Campaigns and see better returns on your PPC spends.


June Desktop Calendars

June 2014 Desktop Calendars are here!

This month our featured photographs are from Charmon Stiles. They were taken in the White Mountains in Northern Arizona after a forest fire.

To submit your own favorite photos email us at

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Wildflowers Desktop Calendar


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The New Google And You: What New Algorithm Changes Mean For Your Content Strategies

panda updatesIf you’re in SEO, blogs like this are becoming a common occurrence:  Google makes a big (and, as usual, undocumented) change to their algorithms, and everyone has to scramble to see if it’s affected their Search Engine Results Page rankings.

This time around, Google had a one-two punch, releasing two new systems back-to-back so quickly that we’re still not 100% sure which is which.  However, let’s start there.


Three Great Tips For Better Local Internet Marketing

local internet marketingThere’s an unfortunately common belief that SEO and other Internet marketing strategies are only for “online businesses.”  The truth is, online marketing strategies can just as easily boost your local business and traffic.

Local Internet marketing is a growing field, and there are a lot of reasons to look into it.  After all, mobile browsing has actually overtaken desktop-based browsing in popularity, and it’s more common than ever for customers to be doing online research while on the road.

A well-focused local Internet marketing plan, backed by strong landing pages, can easily help drive more customers to your door, and create new connections to future leads!


Organic Link Building Tactics That Work

organic linksLink-building has been, and will likely always be, a major component of search engine optimization strategies. While it’s been awhile since Google has told us exactly what sort of weighting inbound links are given, absolutely no one disputes that they’re vital to SEO.

The problem is actually getting those links.

In Ye Olden Days of 2008 or so, that usually meant buying those links through some inorganic process or another. Today, however, a business cannot afford to “cheat” with their link-building. Google has significantly changed their algorithms to reward those with organic links, and punish those trying to buy links.

In short, if you haven’t adopted organic link-building strategies, it’s time to.


10 Simple SEO Tips You Can Implement Right Now

10 SEO tipsFew industries change as often, or as radically, as the search engine optimization game. If you’re in SEO, you need to be consistently updating your strategies to stay on top of the latest techniques.

Luckily, many of the most effective SEO techniques are also extremely easy to achieve. Take a look at this list for ideas you haven’t implemented. Any one of these will bring a lot of gain from relatively little work.


Web Design for Content or Visual?

thinking web designThere’s been something of a running debate in recent years in web design, over whether content or design should be considered the the most important element to focus on.

One camp says that visual design is king, and the best use for a website is to create a visual experience that conveys your company philosophy through primarily emotional or nonverbal cues. The other camp points out that Google reads text, not pictures, and it’s ultimately your content that drives people to the page in the first place.

However, in our view, this is a needless differentiation. At the end of the day, every aspect of your website is “content” in some sense, because it all conveys information about your business.

Thus, good website design truly is also good content. And good content only enhances good design. Taken together, they give you a customer-focused way to present a variety of messages at once.

But the key is that customer focus.


May Desktop Calendars

May 2014 Desktop Calendars are here!

This month our featured photographer is Tempo Creative Founder, Josh Dolin. Josh loves to travel and shares with us, his recent trip to beautiful Banff National Park, Canada.

To submit your own favorite photos email us at

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Banff Scenic Desktop Calendar


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10 tips for creating landing pages to market your content

landing page

page example from Unbounce

Are you still relying on expensive PPC ads to drive your website traffic? If so, it may be time to revise your landing page strategies! Good landing pages can provide a significant boost to your content marketing plans, and they’re far less expensive per lead than any sort of pay-per-click.

We’ve got some quick strategies to optimize your landing pages. These largely determine which visitors convert into viable leads, so they’re one of your best tools for creating a great lead database.


Slideshare is making mobile marketing easier

slideshare for mobileThere’s no doubt that mobile marketing is shaking up social media marketing, as well as virtually all online-based messaging campaigns. More consumers are using mobile devices for their Internet access all the time, and that’s creating a challenge for websites to keep up with demand for mobile access.

Slideshare has faced difficulties with this transition in the past, with a website often criticized for being slow and unfriendly to mobile devices. However, in recognition of the importance of mobile browsing, they’ve recently rolled out several new features that make Slideshare a much better mobile platform.

Let’s take a look at the changes, and what they may mean for your social media marketing.


Great Customer Service Creates Glowing Customer Reviews!

online reviewsIt’s something that a lot of businesses don’t like to hear, but the numbers are hard to argue with: Online reviews are one of the single most important elements in web marketing that influences buyer decisions.

In fact, in a recent Dimensional Research study, 90% of respondents stated that positive reviews had influenced a purchase decision, and 86% said the same of negative postings. Overall review recall was usually in the 25%-50% range, which makes them roughly as recall-friendly as online advertisements.


Google Introduces Universal Analytics: Track Your Customers Across ALL Devices!

universal analytics for multi device trackingApril has become a very exciting month for Google Analytics users. After months of teasing it in beta tests, Google has finally announced the full rollout of their Universal Analytics system for Internet marketing. It represents a major step forward in customer tracking, and further positions Google Analytics as the affordable go-to solution for analytics work.

The key difference between Universal Analytics and the old system is that it can now track users from device to device, continuing to count them as one person, rather than seeing each device as a separate “hit.” This seemingly simple change opens up a new world of potential in Internet Marketing.


The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Content Marketing

contentOut of the many burgeoning trends in 21st century business, perhaps no sector is more maligned on the Internet than content marketing. It’s nothing but infotainment and advertorials; everyone sees through it, and most damning of all, there’s more that doesn’t work than does. But given that companies are now spending upwards of $40 billion annually in the CM game, there is obviously something to it. Here are five pillars of misguided CM wisdom — and the truth behind them:


Twitter Redesign: How will it affect B2B social media marketing?

Twitter redesignAre there many industries more volatile than online and social media marketing? Every time a website changes its layout, thousands of marketers worldwide have to immediately update their strategies.

In this case, it’s Twitter that’s getting the overhaul. And, well, it looks like Facebook.

While it’s possible Twitter will radically change their plans, the aggressively-upbeat spin coming from their CEO makes this seem unlikely. So it’s time to start thinking about how these Twitter changes are going to impact your B2B social media marketing.

But first, to address a common objection:


Where is Inbound Marketing headed?

inbound marketingAnyone who works in online marketing and advertising knows that inbound marketing is one of the fastest-changing industries today. The pace of change is stunning – even someone who’s only been in the business for a few years has already seen several paradigm shifts.

So, let’s look briefly at inbound marketing today, and see where it’s headed.


5 Major Changes In SEO for 2014

2014 SEOSo, with 2014 well underway, what sort of changes are we seeing in search engine optimization?

The two biggest game-changers were already obvious last year: First, Google made radical changes to how their search engine processes queries, instantly antiquating a variety of SEO techniques. Second, mobile browsing became recognized as being at least as important as desktop browsing.

So, where does that leave online marketers in 2014? Here are five tips!


Are Social Media Sites Like Twitter and Facebook a Fad?

social media types“It’s just a fad!”

This is something we’ve been hearing about social media for a decade now and, amazingly, the claims still haven’t entirely gone away.  Some people are still looking for excuses to not embrace social media marketing.

However, the reality is that social media appears to be here to stay, and is likely going to be one of the main communication tools of the future. The adoption figures for social media are absolutely indisputable, as this nice infographic from MediaBistro shows.

In 2004, Facebook only had a million members, and Twitter didn’t even exist. Ten years later, Facebook alone now has more than a billion subscribers. In fact, according to January estimates, more than one-fourth of the entire human race is on social media.

Just think about that. It’s a staggering figure, but it’s the reality of the Internet today.


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