Short Video Marketing: Hit A Great Social Marketing Sweet Spot

smartphone video marketingIf you’ve been wishing you could create video to share online, it’s actually easier than you think!

Short videos -under five minutes- are currently one of the most popular online marketing mediums, and they require remarkably little experience or hardware to create.  If you have an iPhone from the last few years, you already have all the basics needed to make short films.  The same is true for many Android devices, for that matter.

It helps if you have a nicer camera and (especially) a better mic, but it’s honestly not a requirement, especially for short films.  Shorts can be as simple as a single “talking head” shot, with you speaking directly to the camera\audience on a topic where you have authority.  If the content is good, the low budget won’t matter.


Great Communication is Good for Brand Marketing

brand communicationIt might be strange to think about, but brand marketing has changed so much in the previous decade that the entire relationship between customers and brands has shifted.  Due to the rise of the Internet and social media, customers\clients now have closer contact to their business partners than ever before – and customers want to make use of that contact!

This can truly be a two-way street.  Fully-engaged customers who are fans of a brand won’t only use it loyally, they’ll actively evangelize for it.   Word-of-mouth is still the strongest marketing that exists, and those same communication systems allow your customers to become an active part of your outreach.

Showing that you value your customers’ contributions will inspire them to tell their friends that you’re worth doing business with.


Affordable Online Marketing for the Holidays

holiday marketingOne of the most amazing things about the recent online marketing revolution is how it has truly democratized the entire advertising process.  Something that used to be a costly -and risky- venture for even small businesses can now be accomplished on budgets in the low four figures, or less!

With Black Friday and the end-of-year holidays coming up, a $1,000 expenditure could easily be rewarded many times over, if you invest the money in smart, affordable online marketing strategies.  And even much smaller amounts can still be turned into significant boosts to your holiday trade.


Twitter Collections For Powerful Content Curation And Storytelling

Twitter collections

US Department of Interior – @interior

Twitter has always been somewhat difficult to use in content marketing, specifically because of the limitations of the platform.  140-character messages are good for announcements and running commentary, but it’s difficult to make anything permanent or meaningful with them.

Over the last few years, Twitter has been trying to address this problem through the addition of various media types, like video or pictures, but the basic one-Tweet-at-a-time problem persisted.  Attempting to curate Tweets, especially, was a pain because it had to be done by hand, one-by-one.

However, this has all changed!  Twitter has just announced their new Twitter Collections feature, and it’s set to take Twitter-based content curation to a whole new level.


5 Ways Email Marketing Works With Content Marketing

emailEmail is so ubiquitous that it’s easy to overlook, but that’s no reason to neglect email marketing when you’re looking for different ways to promote your organization. Currently, email is still the cheapest method of obtaining leads and conversions, and it has a higher conversion rate than social media.

Plus, email can easily go hand-in-hand with blogs and other forms of content. Aside from direct lead generation, email can also easily add viewers to your blog or YouTube channel or any other content outlet you run.

So let’s take a look at some easy ways to integrate email into your online marketing strategies.


Learn The New LinkedIn Campaign Manager

audience targetingIf you’ve put your ideas for LinkedIn-based marketing or outreach campaigns on the back burner, it might be time to think about them again.

After years of suffering under one of the least-useful targeted ad systems on social media, LinkedIn has recently finished rolling out its brand new Campaign Manager.  While there are a few points where it could use some work, overall it’s a vast improvement over the old system, and should help make LinkedIn valuable for more than just networking.

So, let’s take a look at what’s changed, and what you can now do with your LinkedIn ads and sponsored posts.


How will ad blockers affect advertisers?

advertising blockersRight now, few subjects in digital advertising are more controversial than that of ad-blockers.

Software which allows users to selectively -or entirely- block sidebar ads, pop-ups, interstitials, and most other online ads have been around for over a decade, but have recently seen a big increase in popularity.  Major web browsing apps have begun flirting with ad-blocking on a universal basis, and apps that attempt to keep iOS or Android devices ad-free have also been in the news.  Advanced services can even remove social media buttons from a website, or other key functionality.

And with services like AdBlock legitimately claiming hundreds of millions of installations, this is a problem for the online advertising industry which is not going to go away on its own.  Nor is there any reason to expect that new laws\regulations will come to the rescue, since there are no grounds for them that would be likely to survive judicial review.

Is all lost?  Not at all.  But a somewhat nuanced look at the topic is necessary if a website is going to keep running advertisements successfully, whether for itself or as a secondary revenue source.


Key Ingredients Of Social Media Reporting

social mediaOne aspect of social media that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves is social media reporting.  It can often be difficult to properly summarize and present social media data in a way that other people in your organization -like the Board- can understand what’s going on and why it’s a good investment.

It’s very easy for social networking reports to get mired in pure data and spreadsheets which are baffling to some.  It’s vitally important to get the information into a report in such a way that anyone can see the value.


A Great Mission Statement Brings Focus To Your Content

binoculars-100590_640One of the most basic -and most common- mistakes made by those jumping into content marketing is to do it randomly, without a master plan. Given the incredible variety of possible outlets and mediums for content marketing, this is hardly surprising. We tend to see a lot of businesses where one person is running the blog, another handling Facebook and Twitter, yet another doing visual media for Pinterest, Instagram, and soforth.

However, the more content types and outlets a business embraces, the more important it becomes to have some consistency to it all. A visitor browsing through your various outlets needs to be able to feel that this is all coming from a single unified source, not a disparate collection of materials thrown-together.

The best way to keep all your authors and creators on the same page is to do so literally: Create a Mission Statement for your content that outlines its goals, purposes, and reasons for existing.


How to find local business directories for local SEO

local directories for SEOIf you’re a business focused on attracting local / walk-in traffic, local SEO is one of the most important outreach methods you can embrace.

More and more people are doing their shopping research while on the road, or in the parking lot of their previous destination.  They’re relying on local services -especially local business directories- to point them towards the best options for their next stop.  In fact, according to Google’s own studies, at this point 50% of smartphone-based local searches result in a visit to a local store that same day.

Basically, they won’t remember the advertisement they saw at home a few hours ago.  They’ll trust the online directories and their review collection when they’re in the car planning their trip.

This makes it more important than ever to search out the best local directories in your area and claim your page on them, if you haven’t already.


Instagram ads are finally here!

instagram adsRight now, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among the “Millennial” demographic of users roughly between the ages of 18 and 29.  Millennials are notoriously difficult to market to, and one of the holy grails of online advertising is finding ways to reach this critical consumer group.

Your chances of reaching them may go up significantly, now that Instagram is (finally?) adding full advertising support to their platform.  While still not relevant for any other markets, if your company is marketing to a youthful market base, this means it may be the right time to make a move towards Instagram.


Top 5 Tips for Social Media Management

five social media tipsEntering into the social media scape can be daunting for smaller businesses which have never attempted to engage in mass outreach before.  The size, scale, and scope of social media provides a huge number of options, and missteps here can result in costly -and often embarrassing- mistakes.

The great thing about social media is that it’s freely available for everyone, and small businesses can get themselves noticed right alongside the big players.  If you’re smart about how you go about jumping into social postings, you’re far more likely to see successful debuts and meaningful returns.


Making The Most Of Your Hired Digital Marketing Company

digital marketing agencyThere are plenty of good reasons for companies to hire digital marketing firms to handle their online campaigns.  It’s an entirely new field, with literally dozens of potential outlets, each with their own quirks.  Plus, online marketing requires an entirely new technological tool set as well.

Few companies are lucky enough to have enough expertise in-house to do this effectively, and experts are extremely expensive to hire and keep on-staff. Turning to a well-regarded digital marketing firm is the logical solution.

However, online marketing outsourcing isn’t a fire-and-forget solution, and shouldn’t be treated as such. They need at least as much care and access as your offline marketers to be effective, and potentially even more.  A company that gets involved in the process, and makes sure to keep their digital marketers in the loop, is going to see far more success from the partnership.


Why Won’t Google Come Clean About Google Plus?

Google PlusSo, the neverending Monty Python skit that is Google+  has had yet another reiteration, with G+ chief Bradly Horowitz saying definitively in a recent interview that: “No, Google Plus is not dead.  In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”

It’s just resting, apparently.

However, what’s really striking about how Google+ is being presented to the public is how little is being presented to the public.  The level of obfuscation they engage in when it comes to G+ is absolutely frustrating, especially to industry pros trying to decide if\how to integrate it into their own business strategies.


Facebook Feature Spotlight: Bluetooth Beacons

Facebook bluetooth beaconWhile Facebook has a tendency to generate controversy, there’s no question that the world’s largest social network is continually trying to reinvent itself and create new ways for businesses to connect with their fans and customers.

One of the newest of these innovations is also one of the most exciting in terms of local business\customer interactions:  Bluetooth Beacons.  This new program has only been around for a couple months, and really hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.  When properly implemented, Bluetooth Beacons can bring multiple new ways for local businesses and customers to interact.


Digital Marketing Is Only Going To Continue To Grow In The Years Ahead

marketing growthScanning through an article on MOZ about the growth of digital marketing jobs in the last few years, what really jumped out was just how quickly digital marketing has grown to prominence.  A decade ago, jobs in “digital marketing” barely existed, and “social media marketing” hadn’t even been coined.

Today, it’s become a sector of huge growth, with a predicted 13% rise in digital marketing managers alone.  More companies are spending more money and more time on digital materials than ever before, and all trends point to this being the case for many years to come.

If your business is still uncertain as to whether digital will work for you, here are a few reasons to give it more thought…


People Find Too Many Websites Untrustworthy!

contact us info

Contact us info

One of the most subtle challenges of good web design is that of building credibility.  It doesn’t matter how flashy the page is, or how good your SEO is, or how well-implemented your adaptive designs are, or how much video content you’ve crammed onto the website.

If visitors ain’t buyin’ it, they certainly aren’t buying your product or services either.

The Internet makes it incredibly easy to create an online page and storefront, to the point that just about anyone could do it in less than a day.  And any random user with a shred of sense is fully aware of this.  No matter how nice the page looks, there are certain things they’ll be looking for to reassure them that it’s truly on the level.


Twitter Cards Complete Your Rich-Tag Trifecta

Twitter cardsIn previous blogs, we’ve discussed at some lengths newer ways of embedding rich meta-text and functionality into your existing webpages and Facebook posts.  Today, we’ll take a look at Twitter’s version of the same idea:  Twitter Cards.

Twitter Cards aren’t as complex to learn and implement as either of the other two, which fits a platform which is deliberately non-complicated. Twitter Cards are limited to six basic types (at the moment) which makes it easy for even smaller organizations to get started.


Open Graph Creates The Perfect Social Media Extension Of SEO Schemas

open graph tagsIn our last blog, we introduced you to one of the lesser-known but most useful techniques in SEO:  Schemas, which are a rich tag-embedding system that can greatly improve your SERP result placement, as well as adding extra functionality to your listings.

Today, we’re going to cover its social media cousin, which is even less well-known:  Open Graph.  This set of tagging protocols is designed to enhance and enrich content being posted to social media, especially Facebook, to create engaging feature-rich content for your followers to enjoy.


Utilize Schemas In Your SEO For Powerful SERP Listings

schemaSchemas are one of the most powerful tools to be added to the SEO toolbox, and even a couple years after their introduction, very few companies are taking advantage of their huge potential.  However, this is a tool everyone in online marketing should know about, because small tags added to your HTML can vastly improve the appearance of your site in Google, Bing, and Yahoo simultaneously.

So today, let’s get an overview of what schemas do, why they’re so important, and how you can start updating your site to take advantage of them.


Five Elements Your Responsive Web Design Needs For Success

responsive web designRight now (midway into 2015) responsive web design is considered the go-to standard for building a webpage.  While there are other techniques like parallax design, which can work well in niche applications, responsive design is the best “all around” option for a public website that will see use from a wide range of users.

The main advantage to responsive design, of course, is that it adapts to fit the screen\capabilities of each device being used to access the site.  Mobile users get a smaller, lower-bandwidth version while desktop browsers get a more robust layout.

So, what elements do you need to make a responsive web page succeed?  Here are five must-haves, at least at the moment.


July 2015 Desktop Calendars

July 2015 Desktop Calendars are here

To submit your own favorite photos email us at social@tempocreative.com.

Most screens will use the size that is shown in the image (1900×1200), just click and then right click the larger image that appears and set as desktop background!

To enjoy (instructions): If the image size is not correct for your screen, click the size of the wallpaper you’d like below each image, and a larger version will open in a new window. Right click on this image, and select “Set as Desktop Background”. Then enjoy a beautiful custom calendar all month long!

Fireworks Desktop Calendar

Fireworks July desktop calendar

Alternative desktop sizes:1920×1080 1600×1200 1024×768


Great LinkedIn Groups Increase The Effectiveness Of Your LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn groupsWith more than 350 million registered users as of writing, LinkedIn is currently the third-most-popular social network on the Internet.  (Although Pinterest is breathing down its neck.)  LinkedIn is also, of course, THE social network for business and professional connections, with effectively no real competition among that target niche.

This means it can be a highly effective way to spread awareness of both yourself and your brand, while raising visibility and driving more hits to your website.


Which small business inbound marketing software is right for me?

marketing softwareGreat inbound marketing requires a great software platform!

When a company starts getting serious about their online outreach and marketing, one of the first purchases they should look towards is a dedicated software platform for managing their campaigns.   The market for such inbound marketing platforms is booming – it’s a billion-dollar industry already, with more alternatives cropping up every day.

The question, then, is which platform should a smaller shop look towards?  Each one offers a different blend of services and features, so it’s going to take some research either way.

However, let’s take a quick look at three platforms which are probably the best overall for smaller operations.


Instagram’s modern website redesign

Instagram web redesignIn the last year or two, following its buyout by Facebook, visual social media service Instagram has been struggling to find its own niche.  It’s still among the most-visited social media sites in the world, with more than 300 million users.  However, it’s been facing stiff competition from platforms like Tumblr which are targeted specifically at youth, as well as Pinterest, which is rapidly capturing the adult consumer market.

Also, numbers on Instagram usage are potentially deceiving, due to its close integration with Facebook.  Many users largely utilize it as a photo repository for their Facebook posts, rather than making direct use of its own social media features.

So, when Instagram announced this week that they were redesigning their site, there was a sense of it being overdue.  Will this reverse Instagram’s fortunes?  Let’s take a look at what’s changed.